Bushwick’s Hair Salon Pickthorn Will Tour 8 Cities Giving Makeovers to Musicians

Bushwick Daily, 01.18.17

Two entrepreneurial women from the neighborhood are bringing the Bushwick vibes into the often predictable hair and beauty world. Chelsey Pickthorn and Jocelyn Simone of Bushwick’s premier hair coloring salon, Pickthorn, are taking their A game on the road. Starting March 31, hair colorist Chelsey Pickthorn and the programming director Jocelyn Simone will be touring eight American cities, not unlike a rock band. Within five weeks, they will visit Austin, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Denver, and in each city, they’ll teach a hair coloring class, do make-overs on local bands, and film live music sessions.


There’s such an idea behind them,” says Brooklyn colorist Chelsey Pickthorn. “When you see red, it’s kind of a showstopper.” What feels fresh, she explains, is the startling range of shades on the docket now—pale strawberry blonde, ruby, even magenta—which allow each person to take color-customization to the next level. Yet there’s a good reason why the famously fickle pigment is rare: It requires a precise hand to tone correctly and diligent at-home care to look its best. Or as Pickthorn puts it: “The hardest to get, the hardest to keep, and the hardest to get rid of.

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TIMEOUT, 05.07.15

Celeb color guru Chelsey Pickthorn’s Bushwick spot (singer Neon Hitch is a fan) boasts a homey vibe with subway-tile walls, reclaimed-wood furniture and a sparkling vintage chandelier. Kitschy colored carts, made of steel pipes and cedar barn wood, trolley up next to you as either Pickthorn or stylist assistant Jocelyn Simone applies the shade of your choice.

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VOGUE, 04.06.15

This low-key hair studio is a one-woman show helmed by Chelsey Pickthorn—she does the cuts, the color, and the styling. Best known for her blondes (Abbey Lee) got her signature platinum done here), Pickthorn has designed the space to be warm and inviting—and with good reason: Her hand-painting color process, while famous for its results, can translate into a daylong affair that’s well worth the wait.