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HNRY FLWR - Waiting Room (NRVS LVRS Remix)

to commorate the one year anniversary of "Waiting Room"

release date Janurary 29th 2021


cover art by Robert James Clarke

HNRY FLWR's "Waiting Room" was originally released on January 29, 2020 and celebrated with a sold-out show at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn, NY. Exactly one year later we are excited to release the first of three remixes of the beloved song as a commemoration of the first HNRY FLWR song released under the management of WE COLOR LIVE.


The first remix of "Waiting Room" is a collaboration with the brooding dream-pop husband and wife duo, NRVS LVRS. It is transformed from an existential acoustic guitar-driven rock anthem (think Kurt Vile), into a danceable, dark synth-pop remix which offers a fresh interpretation of the song's celebratory mantra, "Feel The LOVE."


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HNRY FLWR on “Waiting Room”

“This song was written while sitting in a waiting room for my bandmate in a pediatric cancer clinic in New York City. Between the battle for his life and an intense breakup I just had, I was in a terrible space. As I was waiting, a volunteer clown came in and started making all the kids laugh. That moment shook me — seeing sick children finding joy helped me find my own joy amid the darkness. Breakups and cancer are not contagious, but love is. The lyrics for this song were written right then in the fluorescent lights of the waiting room.”



Born into a cult in Iowa, HNRY FLWR grew up meditating and moving around the world with his psychic mother who claims to remember being born. As an adult his inspirations range from hypnotism to drone music to televangelism to clowning. He draws from this background to produce secular spiritual rock with his beautiful 6-piece band in New York City. Since receiving a “Buzzy” review from The New York Times and selling out The Sultan Room in early 2020, they have gained a reputation for church-like live performances that are as powerfully immersive as they are moving.

NRVS LVRS on “Waiting Room”

With "Waiting Room", I was excited to dive in and remix it, because I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do. When I do get approached to do remixes, it's usually from other electronic artists, but I have the most fun when remixing artists from other genres. With the big indie rock chorus and spoken word part, there was a lot to sink my teeth into here. As I started pulling the song apart, I started noticing some really raw lyrics, so I wanted to repeat and highlight those when possible. The best songs make us feel conflicting emotions, and I wanted to preserve what I liked about the song most: the combination of joy & sadness while presenting the elements in different packaging.



NRVS LVRS (pronounced “Nervous Lovers”) is the dreamy darkwave project of husband & wife duo Andrew Gomez and Bevin Fernandez. While citing acts like Massive Attack, Can, and Kate Bush as influences, their music flirts with caustic electro-pop elements similar to that of The Knife, Bat for Lashes, or Crystal Castles. The dulcet tones of Fernandez’ soaring vocals complimented by Gomez’ low crooning glide over layers of ominous synths and precise percussion to create compelling electronic soundscapes.


WE COLOR LIVE was conceived out of the success of Color Me Bushwick, the annual three-day beauty, art, and music showcase held at Pickthorn Studio. Founders, Jocelyn Simone and Chelsey Pickthorn created a way to promote emerging talent year-round with WE COLOR LIVE; providing 360° support through consultation, management, creative services from a collective of beauty, brand, and production professionals.


WCL has a handpicked roster of artists, cultivating loyal relationships that operate from a place of collaboration and community.


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