NY Times // "BUZZY"

The Family Reviews // "indie-pop glamazon"

We All Want Someone to Shout For // "a mix of Bruce Springsteen and The War On Drugs"

Bushwick Daily // "his signature croon is both soothing and comforting in its ability to pierce through the song’s dark instrumentation and goth-pop tones."

Left Bank // "HNRY FLWR is something that you have to experience at least once in your life."

Elevatr // "a glamorous way to indulge the indie-pop sphere with 70’s flair"

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new single

"Waiting Room"

out now!

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mgmt, press +bookings: jocelyn@wecolorlive.com

HNRY FLWR is something everyone can believe in because the show stands for the experience of believing deeply in the non-things. The Infinite Void is about nothing and it’s leader believes in the power of nothingness as much as we all try to fill our lives with somethingness. It's not about understanding, or subscribing to our beliefs-- HNRY FLWR is just a vessel to explore The Infinite Void. The Void giveth and The Void taketh. We’re all here to find the questions and accept the mystery...